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"Dolce Far Niente"

by Unknown15 May, 2013

With summer popping up just around the corner, my girlfriends and I discuss our progress with our individually tailored diet programs.

“Yeah well, you should have consulted with my doctor! She strictly forbids eating carrots, even if you’re tanning! It’s packed with sugar! I’m trying to follow her recommendations by the letter!
Bikini season is rushing in!” Maya makes a face while pinching the meager fat on her arms.

“At least I get all my meals delivered to my doorstep daily. I’ve lost quite some weight with my doctor”, Nadine proudly chins up.

We have this conversation almost every year, and I smile as I look at my friends while taking a sip from my glass of sparkling water. I put out my hand to get their attention and blurt out:

“Enough with the restrictions and dieting! Did you update your swimwear wardrobes or not yet? Because I just happened to watch a whole episode yesterday on the latest swimwear tends for this summer season.. AND I took notes!”

I take their giggles as a sign of interest and share with them what every women must know:

“Ok ladies, so looks like swimsuits with digital prints are everywhere! And what’s great is that there are no rules here. Go for whatever print your heart desires, from fierce animal prints to sweet florals, or abstract patterns to cityscapes. And if you want to take it to the next level, just buy a one-piece digital print that you can also wear as a body suit! I saw a couple of them by Mara Hoffman. Simply superb, easily can be pulled off as a sexy top” I wink at my girlfriends who seem entertained.

“Also on the scene this summer are vintage inspired swimsuits. Now I know what you’re thinking… the bombshells, Marylin Monroe, the pin-ups from the 50s, but this trend actually is more modern with a sprinkle of classic vintage. So still going with prints and florals, yet giving it a trendy feel by incorporating vintage cuts. It’s all about high-waisted bikini bottoms that give that extra vintage-y touch to a more modern swimsuit.”

“I remember seeing them in the new Dolce & Gabbana collection”, Nadine adds.

“Exactly! What is also fun this season, are the mismatched swimsuits, where the bikini tops and bottoms don’t particularly match. Victoria’s Secret has always been a believer in getting multiple and varied wears out of bikinis by mixing and matching. I actually love this, for the clash of color between top and bottom gives a fresh sense of summer and an impression of being laid back and eclectic. Love this! Mismatched swimsuits just scream “I’m happy and just want to have fun!” I dramatically swing my arms over my head making the girls laugh.

“Now what would suit you Maya our pool goddess, is the greecian swimwear where drapes and gathers send off a sexy, sultry vibe by the poolside. Mostly dominant in rich deep colors like purple, orange, and red, they can add volume in areas you need help with in your figure and you can easily wear them with big gold accessories to give a more goddess aura.” I look at Maya as I stress on my last words.

“Finally, there is a science to picking out swimwear to flatter and suit your figure. Surely not every style is going to flatter every figure, but since this season’s trends cover a wide range of styles, there will certainly be something for everyone. Here are the basics:

For women with more of a fuller figure, anything that will bring in the waist to give more of a coca-cola shape is the way to go. Try going with the vintage style, as the high waist will enhance your curves.

Women with rather small bust area can greatly take ruffles and gathers to their advantage. The ruffles on bikini tops make the area appear visually larger by adding volume. Greecian styles go hand in hand with this category!

With top heavy figures, it’s always best to incorporate the ruffles but on the bottoms and not the tops of the bikini. Adding the ruffles on the bottoms balances out a big bust at the top. It’s also best to avoid tops with strings, and go with structured styles and halterneck tops.

If you tend to have short legs, try pulling off a printed bikini top with a solid one-color bikini bottom. This match tends to draw attention upwards, making it seem like you’re owning a longer pair. Go for high cut thighs as to not shorten the legs.

And finally for the sporty athletic women out there, go for backless styles and crochet that flaunt your toned physique instead of your curves.”

“I guess we got that covered! Now, let’s go summer shopping!!”Nadine says excitedly as we instantly get up from our seats.