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"A Woman's Right to Shoes"

by Unknown16 June, 2013

“Ugghhhhh!”, I shrug loudly as the heat envelops my entire body in a burning cloak. The absolute worst place to visit during summertime is Dubai, and due to several meetings already set which I couldn’t get out of, I was forced to go despite my hesitation.

The minute I step out of the airport, my shades are swept with humidity causing a blinding fog. Annoyed, I remove them and make my way to the car waiting for me by the door. The driver quickly opens for me the door as I throw myself on the backseat. Ouff! Anybody who is somebody should avoid Dubai in the summer, and here I am right in the middle of June.

Upon arrival to Qasr Hotel, I decide to go to the beach before heading to my meeting. Booking at the Qasr Hotel was a great idea, as they have a lavishing beach. Truth be told, most beaches in Dubai are far from being enjoyable, no matter how many frozen towels, fruits, or bottles of water the waiters provide.

After spending a couple hours under the scorching sun, I run up to my suite and take a long cool shower. “I’m gonna be late!”, I scold myself as I run out the lobby and into the car. As I approach Dubai Mall, I look forward to finishing my meeting so that I can shop and indulge in the many shops and boutiques.

So much for dreaming, my meeting lasted four long hours leaving me famished. I decide to have a late lunch at Bateel where I order their amazing club sandwich and green salad with balsamic-date vinaigrette. Mmmmm, soo worth pausing my diet for the day!

Now that I have silenced my rumbling stomach, it’s time to shop! First stop – Level. Heaven on earth! As I eye all the shoes, heels and flats, neatly placed in pairs, my heart skips a beat. After trying on nearly everything on display, I end up buying six pairs: Prada, Brian Atwood, Celine, Nicolas Kirkuk, and 2 pairs of tropezienne for the beach. Filled with giddiness, I carry my prized possessions and head out. On my way out, I can’t stop myself from passing by Tom Ford and end up purchasing their latest perfume, Black Orchid.

Like a magnet pulling me towards it, I walk to the fountain show where I marvel at the gushes of water spraying upwards, downwards, and sideways in a fusion of sound and light. Having already watched it more than a hundred times, I never seem able to leave Dubai Mall without experiencing the fountain show. As cliché as it might sound and look, at the end of the day, I just love it. Dragging myself away from the show, I head back to the hotel to freshen up. I quickly change my outfit and head off to DIFC for dinner at Roberto’s with friends followed by Zuma.

The next morning, I dream of my new shoes as I doze off in the plane on my way back to Riyadh.

Sweet dreams!