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"Bon Chic Bon Genre"

by Unknown04 June, 2013

I close the faucet and pat my face dry with my pure cotton facial towel. With one quick look at myself in the mirror, I rush out of the bathroom and find my seat on the cushion facing my dressing table. The lighting here is better and gives me an enhanced view while getting ready for the day.

With my hair all tied up securely in a ponytail, I start with my make-up. Being endowed with oily skin, I always use a primer beneath my make-up. This has always been the first step for me. With my damp fingers, I apply a thin coat from my Smash Box Photo Finish Foundation primer all over my face. This step is crucial for fighting greasy skin before putting on my foundation. As I work on the final touches of my make-up I grab my Bobbie Brown BB cream from the corner of my dressing table. This summer is all about BBs meet CCs. These miracles in a bottle address fine line discoloration dullness and outsize pores all at the same time! Making sure to own every craze of the season, I neatly arrange my Bobbie Brown BB (beauty balm) cream next to my Clinique CC (complexion corrector) cream.

Being a sucker for hydration, I gulp down the last bit of my water from my Evian mini bottle. Note to self: drink up! You and your skin benefit from hydration especially when living in desert-like weather such as Riyadh! Besides the 8 recommended glasses of water a day for optimal hydration, I keep a moisture binding skin mist in my purse. My latest one is Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist, the perfect extra boost needed for Riyadh gals!

Last but not least, I slide my MAC Full Fuchsia lipstick over my lips before smacking them together for the final color merge. Sorry Niki Minaj, you are not the sole owner of the pink lip anymore! Ha ha, I wink at myself in the mirror. To pull off summer’s best trends all at once, try picking a bold shade, line your eyes, and don’t go crazy with the blush. With one last satisfied look at my make-up, I tug my hair loose from my hair band and move on to my hairdo.

Mmm, so many hairstyles to experiment with! First off, I always use a moisture styling cream. This helps embrace texture and defines your hair’s natural style. Next, I decide to try a look and start with creating a deep side part in my hair, then move that part to the opposite side. Wow! This sure gives my hair extra volume!! Sometimes after taking a shower, I twist my damp hair up and air dry it all day. When I finally let it loose, I unravel sweet waves of hair across my shoulders.  Some other ideas you can try out are:

Adding a band and/or ribbon makes any outfit simple and yet sophisticated. This is the easiest way to tweek your outfit with just a simple addition to your hair.

Try sporting a center part in your hair as this style has been a sure favorite in New York and Milan!

Get inspired by Moschino and Victor and Rolf by taking out your braids! Just brush through your braids to get a crimpy softness and beach-like hair.

Try retro waves in a low chignon a la Amy Adams!

Using a medium-sized round brush, twist sections of your hair around the brush as you blow dry your hair. The outcome is a soft style with volume!

Play and experiment with a curling iron! You’d be amazed with how many different looks you can create using the different attachment barrels and heads!

Turbans are definitely a style to pull off this summer season! Prolongue your blowout by covering your hair roots with a vibrant colored fabric head band! An easy addition for a great look!

Aloha Do! No, Kate Middleton did not lose her luau in Oahu! The floral crown hairdo is a genuine trend, from Sydney to New York! You might say it is a little over the top romantic, but hey, aren’t we all suckers for love from time to time?

So many styles, so little time! I laugh to myself while walking away from my dressing table, and into my walk-in closet to pick out my day’s outfit.